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Storing Your Data in Your Web Locker

note: Site license subscribers on multi-user organizational accounts will need to establish and log in to their own personal web lockers. You can do this easily online.

See Creating a TRACFED Web Locker for directions.

Monthly subscribers with single-user accounts already have a web locker connected to their account.

When you click on the Web Locker link, you will see the data slice you created.

weblocker link

What to look for in the "Jobs Status" column:

  • "Processing ...": use your browser's button to refresh or reload the page
  • "Finished": shows the number of records; click the "Counts" link for the number of records in various stages or categories
  • "Finished: Quota Exceeded": your data slices together contain more than 20,000 records; either delete some of your earlier data slices, or return to Step 3 using more criteria to select a smaller data slice.

note: If you have forgotten what some of your earlier data slices contained, click the name in the "Data Slice" column to see the criteria used to create it.

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