Current Civil Enforcement Data
Civil Enforcement Pearl
Case-by-case court records on civil filings in each U.S. District Court. Series starts with FY 2008 and is updated monthly. Coverage includes all cases and is not limited to those in which the federal government is a party. Web query tools include ability to search by period (month and fiscal year), district, office within district, jurisdiction, and nature of suit. See description of historical and current court-defined nature of suit codes. Judge-by-judge information on cases available through TRAC's Judge Information Center.

Historical Civil Enforcement Data
Civil Enforcement Pearl
Documents the civil workload of the U.S. Attorneys offices throughout the 90 federal districts and the U.S. territories. Follows referrals received by U.S. Attorneys through to final disposition. Permits generation of statistics plus case-by-case listings.
  • Civil referrals received by U.S. Attorneys
  • Covers matters where the federal government is plaintiff or defendant
  • Covers private suits where the federal government has intervened as a third-party
  • Includes data from FY 1992 onward
  • Includes cases processed in federal district courts (where a U.S. Attorney is involved)
  • Includes cases processed in state and bankruptcy courts (where a U.S. Attorney is involved)
Civil Enforcement matters not covered on TRACFED site
  • Those in which the U.S. Attorneys offices play no role (e.g. between individual parties)
  • Those brought by other federal agencies with the power to file directly (e.g. Securities and Exchange Commission)
  • Those brought directly by other Justice Department divisions (e.g. Environment and Natural Resources Division)
Data withheld by Department of Justice
  • Court docket number*
  • Defendants names*
  • Sealed court cases, since 2004*
*Currently under litigation by TRAC.
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