TRACFED Data Mining Tools
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Each of the content areas provides up to three tools for retrieving information.

  • Express - this tool is available on every layer
  • Going Deeper - this tool is only available on the criminal, civil, and federal staffing layers
  • Analyzer - this tool is only available on the criminal, civil, and federal staffing layers
Select from the tabs above (express, going deeper, analyzer) for more information on how to use the data mining tools.

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Express provides a simple means of quickly retrieving information from the TRACFed data warehouses. Express enables you to examine and compare broad categories of information.

Using pull-down menus, you can build dynamic queries based on the available options. Results can be tailored through the query builder so that the desired information is returned in alphabetical order, national ranking order, graphical or map displays. It is not possible to get case-by-case listings using the Express tool, however Express is a great jumping off point for in-depth inquiries.

The Going Deeper tool is a more sophisticated data analysis resource than Express. Going Deeper allows you to zoom all the way in to individual case-by-case information on criminal and civil matters. For the People and Staffing layer, Going Deeper lets you zoom all the way in to individual employees. The design of Going Deeper allows for complete dynamic query development that enables you to determine the order in which they can view certain variables.

Analyzer is a more advanced and powerful tool than both Express and Going Deeper. Analyzer lets you create your own data slice on a selected subject like civil rights or the environment, or by a specific agency or statute. Analyzer then creates a custom data slice and lets you analyze it using tools for detailed analysis similar to those found in Express.

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