Federal Staffing Data
People and Staffing Pearl
Shows broad staffing trends for federal agencies. Includes statistical overviews, community rankings, etc. Also information on individual employees and their departments including name, title, work schedule, occupation, post-of-duty, pay plan and grade, and supervisory status. Access Staffing data under People.
  • Civilians working for the federal government
  • Most federal agencies covered (executive branch)
Not covered on TRACFED site
  • Military personnel
  • Members or employees of Congress, Architect of the Capitol, Botanic Garden, General Accounting Office, Library of Congress, Congressional Budget Office, Office of Compliance, Judicial Branch, White House Office, Office of the Vice President, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, Tennessee Valley Authority, U.S. Postal Service, Postal Rate Commission, National Imagery and Mapping Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, Public Health Service's Commissioned Corps, and foreign nationals employed oversees.
  • No Names of Federal Bureau of Investigation employees and only limited geographic post-of-duty detail (DC/not DC) are available
Key Data withheld
  • Names and geographic post-of-duty detail withheld for Internal Revenue Service criminal investigators (after 2003)
  • All information withheld for federal civilian defense employees (after 2003)
  • Names of federal employees and geographic post-of-duty detail withheld for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (after 1995), for Secret Service and Drug Enforcement Administration (after 1999)
Note: TRAC has been notified that data elements previously released will now be withheld. It is still unclear the extent of this new policy. TRAC's response will be determined as more information is obtained.
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