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Does TRAC have the data you are looking for?

Use Search to discover what data is available through our web sites and how you can access it.

  • What information is available?
    • Criminal, Civil, and Administrative enforcement data
    • US District Court Judges' and Assistant US Attorneys' case load & performance statisitcs
    • Administrators & federal staffing
    • Federal expenditures
    • Community context data
  • How do I find the information?

Search will not take you directly to a data set. You must use the data mining tools (express, going deeper, or analyzer) to obtain the actual data.

Search is available free to the public; submitting a request for the actual data (using the data mining tools) requires a subscription.

Show MeSearching: TRACFed Data Warehouse (2:36)


  • Enter your search term(s) (See Search Tips).
  • Make name and/or geography selections if necessary.
  • If data is available, select the desired data mining tool. Express is a good starting place.
  • Follow the brief instructions and watch the short tutorial "Show Me" movie.
  • Choose "more info" to access standard menus.

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