Enforcement Data, Judges
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Focuses on the records of U.S. District Court judges (presidential appointees with life-time tenure.) Contains a wide-range of information on performance, including workload, sentencing, and other critical factors. Access Judges data under People.
  • District court judges serving since 1986
  • Virtually all criminal prosecutions since 1986
  • Civil matters where the federal government is plaintiff, defendant, or had intervened as a third party and which are handled by the U.S. Attorneys offices -- since 1992
  • Information on decisions whether published or not
Not covered on TRACFED site
  • Magistrate judges
  • Judges appointed to Appeals, Bankruptcy, Supreme, and other courts
  • Sealed cases
  • Text of decisions
Data withheld
  • Court docket number *
  • Defendents names *
*Currently under litigation by TRAC.
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