TRACFED Custom Reports

TRAC provides a feature to generate a report based on a specific interest. Custom Report currently covers criminal matters only. TRAC work continues to broaden the available coverage.

Report Contents:

  • Workload including new referrals, cases in process, and disposals;
  • Actions Taken including prosecutions filed, and cases closed with prosecuting; and
  • Outcomes of Cases Disposed including cases declined by prosecutors, dismissed by court, convictions, acquittals, and other dispositions.

Statistics are presented in tables and graphs, and are accompanied by explanatory text. Links are provided for viewing the first 100 records and for running the same analysis for other years.

Sample: Custom Report

Directions for producing a custom report:

  1. Start Search - go to and enter your search term(s).
  2. Make name and/or geography selections if needed.
  3. If data of interest is available on TRACFED, select the "Custom Report" tab.
  4. Select the elements you want your custom report to include and click "Order Custom Report".
  5. View the listing of the first 100 records to make sure you have what you are interested in. (note: specific data may be located in the case detail.)
  6. If satisfied, click your browswer's "Back" button and "View Custom Report".

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