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Examples Using Express

How many prosecutions have been filed in my district during the last 5 years where 18 USC 0242 has been the lead charge?

Use Criminal - Express - Lead Charge - Focus. Focus provides focused information on a user-selected topic about a particular district, or the U.S. as a whole.

Show MeTRACFED Express Focus (1:59)

Which districts decline to prosecute the greatest percentage of referrals?

Use Criminal - Express - Overall - Rank. Rank will generate either tables (alphabetic or rank order) or maps.

Show MeTRACFED Express Rank (2:25)

In my district, which agencies refer the most cases that actually get prosecuted?

Use Criminal - Express - Agencies - Compare. Using TRAC's Criminal data, Compare provides comparisons of agencies, programs, or lead charges by a large number of factors for a particular district or the U.S. as a whole.

Show MeTRACFED Express Compare (1:48)

How many civil rights cases have been prosecuted under various presidential administrations?

Use Criminal - Express - Programs - Trends. Trends generates graphs and tables showing long term federal enforcement trends for specific agencies, programs or lead charges.

Show MeTRACFED Express Trend (1:57)

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