Help on Data
A variety of data sources are drawn upon for this layer. Each are selected to help describe important features of communities -- states, federal districts, and counties. Currently the site features demographic data from the U.S. Census Bureau describing population characteristics, including race, gender, ethnicity, age and urban/rural. It also includes data from the Internal Revenue Service on income, including adjusted gross income, wages and salaries reported, interest, dividends, rents and royalties. Information is drawn from Census, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and the American Medical Association to describe occupations and industries.

Using these data sources, TRAC computes relevant rates, rankings, percents, and averages to facilitate comparison. Information is available for each of the roughly 3,140 counties, as well as for each state and federal district.

For additional information about these data see:

| IRS income | gender/age/race/ethnicity | urban/rural | occupation /industry |
| state vs. county/federal district |

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