TRACFED Guided Tour

TRAC EXPRESS - Layers & Broad Perspectives

TRACFED is divided into several layers. Within these layers, TRAC Express contains data from several broad perspectives. Two of the layers, one related to criminal matters and one concerning IRS civil audits, are displayed on the left [all links on this page have been disabled].

The Criminal Enforcement layer is designed for those interested in the criminal enforcement actions of any or all of the federal investigative agencies--by program area or lead charge--in each of the 90 judicial districts or the nation as a whole. Some o f the perspectives in this layer include:

  • Overall: looks at the federal government's overall enforcement effort.
  • Agencies: zeroes in on the work of particular investigative agencies like the FBI, the IRS, or the DEA.
  • Programs: aims at enforcement programs -- the government's efforts against certain selected targets such as corrupt officials, environmental criminals, drug dealers, illegal weapons dealers and criminal immigration violators.
  • Lead Charge: provides information about all matters handled when a particular law -- the harboring of an illegal alien, bank embezzlement or money-laundering -- was the lead charge.

IRS Audits is another layer of TRACFED which is for those interested in the civil auditing practices of the Internal Revenue Service for the last five years in each of the agency's 33 distr icts and the nation as a whole--by income classes or reasons for audit. Some of the perspectives in this layer include:

  • Overall: looks at IRS audits on an overall basis.
  • Income Classes: aims at IRS audits according to income class.
  • Auditor Type: zeroes in on what kind of IRS employees are conducting audits.
  • Selection Reason: provides information about the reasons why the IRS selects returns for audit.

Community Context is the layer of TRACFED for those who are interested in basic information -- population counts, average adjusted gross income, and breakdowns by race, ethnic background, a nd age -- about the counties, states, and federal judicial districts where federal agancies and prosecutors do their work. Some of the variety of perspectives included are:

  • State: looks at the 50 states and the District of Columbia.
  • Federal Judicial District: provides information according to the 90 federal districts, the basic jurisdiction through which almost all federal criminal matters are processed.
  • County: zeroes in on the nation's 3,140 counties.

Federal Staffing is our newest addition to TRACFED. It provides information for those interested in federal civilian staffing -- by agency, occupation, salary and grade levels -- for eac h county, the 90 federal judicial districts or the nation as a whole for the last five years. The perspectives included in this layer are identical to those which can be found in the Community Context layer above.

Let us now examine how each of these perspectives is divided into similar viewing angles.