A Unique Source of Authoritative Information
about Federal Judges

Federal Judges
TRAC provides a unique way to examine the year-by-year work product of individual federal judges.

Criminal tools cover matters disposed of by U.S. district court judges from FY 2007 through FY and require a special subscription to the Judge Information Center. Selections on the menu bar are organized by:

The Judge Information Center contains a variety of information on federal judges in both the judicial and executive branches of government.

Under the Historical menu you can also find data going back to 1986 for criminal cases, and FY 1992 for civil cases. Sentencing data is available back to FY 1992.

Caution: the federal justice system is large and complex. The composition of the workload of individual judges varies greatly, as do the cases that an individual judge may handle from one year to the next. Many factors affect outcomes. No single individual -- even a federal judge -- fully controls the process. No group of statistics can adequately capture the underlying complexities of the system, or the diversity encompassed in the hundreds of thousands of cases that have come before the federal district courts.