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TRAC ANALYZER is an advanced and more powerful tool than TRAC Express or Going Deeper. Use TRAC ANALYZER to create your own data slice about a selected subject like civil rights or environmental enforcement, actions where the federal government is sued, proceedings in a specific court, or all actions by a selected agency. Once the data slice you ordered has been created, you can undertake your own tailor-made analysis. Now updated through the first 3 months of FY 2004 (December 2003).

If you are a new user, you should first try TRAC Express and then Going Deeper before using TRAC Analyzer. Because TRAC Analyzer is a more powerful tool, it gives the user many more options. We highly recommend that you first take the Guided Tour for TRAC Analyzer to familiarize yourself with these choices.

Once you have familiarized yourself with TRAC Analyzer's features, the next step is to select "Data" on TRAC Analyzer's menu bar to create your desired data slice. This slice can concern any geographic area, year, government role, court, investigative agency, or cause of action of particular interest. When you select create data slice, your order is transmitted to TRAC's server, and the data slice is created and then stored in your Web Locker for later analysis. Because creating a data slice may take more time than is normally encountered in TRAC Express, the user can request e-mail notification when processing is complete.

Once you have been notified that your data slice is complete, the final step is to analyze your data slice. Four analysis options on TRAC Analyzer's menu bar are available: List, Explore, Focus and Rank. Focus and Rank offer you options similar to TRAC Express but analyze the special data slice you have created. List allows you to display the individual referral-by-referral records in their entirety. Explore allows you to examine the makeup of your slice along a number of categories. Again, the particular analysis will be completed and returned to your Web Locker.

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