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TRAC EXPRESS provides users a speedy way to view IRS activities for the nation as a whole, or for each of IRS' 33 administrative districts. Information is available on: (1) IRS district and service center audits of individuals and corporations, (2) collection enforcement activities for the individual and business master file (including first notices of unpaid taxes, taxpayer delinquent accounts, taxpayer delinquent investigations, installment agreements, offers in compromise, liens, levies and seizures), (3) amounts reported on federal income tax returns, and (4) IRS staff. For each of these indicators the actual numbers and dollars can be selected, as well as relevant percents, rates, and district rankings.

The widest array of indicators is available from either the Nation or District menus. Choose the nation when you want to focus upon the country as a whole. Some information, such as Service Center audits, is also only available at the national level. Choose district when you want to examine activity in a specific IRS district. For the boundaries of each IRS district go to the help menu and select Geog.

The most extensive array of data is available on IRS audits of individual and corporate returns. For the most detailed audit information, select . . . more on Audits from the menu bar on the left. A more detailed menu selection will open and allow you three more menu topics:

Under each menu item, users are provided with up to four viewing angles: These viewing angles are: Charts, Maps, and Tables: All of these four viewing angles allow the user to produce tables with the actual numbers, amounts, percentages, rates and ranks. Two of these viewing angles also allow the user to create graphs. Use trend when you want to display a plot of how a factor has changed over time. Select rank when you want to visually map how districts stack up.

After making the necessary selections and hitting submit request your order is transmitted to TRAC's server, the necessary processing is completed and the requested information is delivered to your browser, frequently in less than a minute.

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