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Admin Enforcement
The Internal Revenue Service is one of the nation's oldest, largest and most powerful enforcement agencies. Going back at least to the start of the Civil War, the IRS has gradually been granted a range of different powers including the auditing of individual and corporate tax returns, the imposition of penalties against those who fail to comply with the law, the collection of taxes and the authority to request that criminal and other actions be brought against serious offenders.

Because the IRS touches almost everyone and because taxes are essential to maintaining a range of essential government services — fighting wars on the other side the globe, defending our immediate borders, building highways, and guaranteeing wholesome food — the effective and fair and open operation of this agency is essential.

The menu on the left provides access to both current and historical data on IRS audits, collection, and criminal enforcement activities. Details about income tax returns filed by individuals in each county across the United States can also be compared.

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