This series of pages is designed to help both new and experienced users better understand and utilize the information on civil enforcement available on TRAC.

Commonly Used Terms

Agency Primarily InvolvedAgency Making Referral, Sued, or Intervening (list of codes)
AppealCase Involves a Court Appeal (list of codes)
Asst. U.S. AttorneyInitials of Assistant U.S. Attorney handling referral
Attorney General's PriorityAttorney General's Priority Assigned the Class of Referral (list of codes)
Cause of ActionJustice Department Cause of Action Category (list of codes)
Court DateDate Case Filed (year/month/day)
Court TypeType of Court (list of codes)
Disposition TypeNature of Disposition (list of codes)
Disposition DateDate of Disposition (year/month/day)
DistrictFederal Judicial District (list of codes) (map)
JudgeInitials of Judge (where assigned)
Role of GovernmentGovernment is Plaintiff, Defendant, or Third Party (list of codes)
Role of U.S. AttorneyLitigation Responsibility of U.S. Attorneys Office (list of codes)

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