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Select Stage to Focus on

For the Criminal and Civil data layers, the second step in using Going Deeper is to select a referral stage to focus on. A help link is provided to describe the different referral stages.

Going Deeper Focus

note: Frequently cases take more than one year to be processed from initial referral to disposition.

For instance, a referral might have the following time line:

  • August 2001 - referral received
  • October 2001 - prosecution filed (FY2002)
  • August 2003 - jury trial ended, sentencing completed, case disposed of.
This particular case would be counted in FY2001 as a referral received, in FY2002 as a prosecution filed, and in FY2003 as a referral disposed of. Counts for each stage are unduplicated.

also note: The stage you choose will determine which records you will see.

If you choose to see "Referrals Received", the last table will contain the records in the year they were received with the information that was known about those cases at the time . If you choose "Referrals Disposed of", the last table will contain the records in the year they were disposed of with the most complete information.

You may choose more than one Stage to generate counts, but the stage that is first in the list will control the group of records you are accessing.

When you "drill down" to the individual records, each case will have a link to a case detail page. At the bottom of this page will be links to other years that the case was in process.

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