TRAC Spotlight

TRAC Spotlight is a new kind of offering from TRAC, a supplemental service for obtaining additional information about the topic of one of our special reports, in this case county-by-county income subject to federal taxation in your state.

If you are already a TRACFED subscriber, just use the menu at left. If not, read on...

With Spotlight, there are now three distinct mechanisms for obtaining information that TRAC has obtained from the Internal Revenue Service and other agencies under the Freedom of Information Act about a subject of unique importance.

  1. Available on TRAC's free public site is the latest five (5) years of information about the income of taxpayers in each of the nation's 3,140+ counties.

  2. TRAC Spotlight provides the ability to view longer time trends, and also allows more choices in how information is displayed. For example, you can now produce a single table comparing all the counties in your state with annual data going back to 1991. Data covered include adjusted gross income, wages and salaries, interest income, dividend income, income from rents and royalties and exemptions claimed. For a $10 online charge you get 20 TRAC Spotlight queries over a 20-day period. Click here to get TRAC Spotlight on Income.

  3. TRACFED, TRAC's full-service subscription site, has long featured extensive data on IRS criminal, civil, and administrative enforcement activities, along with staffing details. Data on IRS criminal and civil actions allow you to drill down to information in each of 90 federal judicial districts. You can also select judges and federal prosecutors by name and examine how they have handled IRS investigations which have been referred to them. Click here to subscribe to TRACFED.

The TRAC Spotlight tool provides four different viewing options. To begin, select a question view from the left-hand menu bar. After making the necessary selections, click submit request and the desired information will be delivered to your browser.